A Home-Schoolin’, Home-Steadin’ Type of Family

We are a home-schoolin’, home-steadin’ type of family, living happily on 2 acres in the heart of Mesa with our 4 children, 4 horses, 3 goats, 2 dog, 2 lovebirds, 1 cat, and a pear tree. Sorry, no partridge. We are committed to life and living it the best we can. We learn and grow together each day with our children, animals, and plants.

We strive to honor what we have been given by creating goodness and beauty in the world around us. We work hard at it, we struggle, we just keep going. What we have gained along the way is experience in breeding and raising animals. When you keep a lot of animals you gain deep appreciation for quality breeding. Each animal is an investment and we want to make sure the investment is solid.

We are grateful for the opportunity to breed bernedoodles. We have done our best to find top quality dogs for breeding. We hope to bless families with beautiful, intelligent, and healthy canine companions. If you are interested in partnering with us for puppy adoption.

Family Farm Dogs

We strive to honor what we have been given by creating goodness and beauty in the world around us.

Meet Our Puppies

What Makes Us Differeent

What makes us different from other dog breeders is our approach. I love these dogs. I know that other breeders must love their dogs too, but even as I write this, Dusty, our AKC puddle is curled up at my feet sleeping. I have had dogs my whole life. I train horses, and on our small urban farm we try to live a life connected with the things around us.

When our vet came for the puppies first visit shortly after their birth, he was impressed with how healthy they all were. He asked how nursing was going. I told him that it was going great and that I was supplementing with bottle feeding fresh milk from our goat. We talked about what a great resource having a goat is and all the benefits of hand rearing in addition to mom.

It's things like that, having a goat on hand to help a new mom out with 11 puppies. It's having a vet who does house calls. It's having 4 kids that homeschool who can play with puppies all day. It's having a wife who never halfway does anything (that last part is particularly important because I hate to admit it, but I am much better because of her).

I don't know of any other local breeder that puts in the daily effort and love that we do to puppies. I am sure there are, but I know that no puppy that I ever adopted had such a great head start as what we strive to give our puppies. We love them, and we know that you will too.

Our Puppies

Ms. White

Meet Ms. White

This is Little Ms. White. I love her so much!!! I don't know what it is about this little girl, maybe it's the way she likes to snuggle up to my neck when we lay on the couch, or the affectionate way that she plays, but I love her!! This little puppy is sweet and I love her coloration. She has an amazing tricolor coat with those iconic face flashes. Her little tail has a cute little white tip that makes her wag so fun to watch. I love her, have I said that yet? Ok, but seriously, she is great. ...

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Mini Gini

Meet Mini Gini

This little puppy, the kids call Mini Gini. This little girl is sweet and I love her coloration. She has this great ginger tricolor coat going on with this really cool sable pattern on her legs and that iconic face flashes. I wish that she was available for adoption, but she was actually scooped up by someone on our waitlist.  Her coloration is just so gorgeous combined with her personality, I can't say that I am surprised that she found a home so fast. Her little tail is so cute that you can't...

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Meet Ellie

This little puppy is Ellie. Normally my wife and kids pick out a theme, but the theme for this litter was colors and I didn't love it, so. . . I renamed most of the puppies. This little girl is not "Ms Orange", she is in fact Ellie. She is sweet and playful. She has great brindle pattern on her legs, the white on her chest, and white on the tips of her toes. I wish that she was available for adoption, but she was actually scooped up by someone on our waitlist. With her personality and colorat...

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Meet Cooper

Hello there! This is Cooper, an adorable bernedoodle puppy. This little guy is so sweet and affectionate. He likes to come over to you and play. He has great coloration. His coat has that great face with the chest flash, and he is just full of love. His coloring is ideal for that bernedoodle look. Not only is he affectionate and friendly but also a quick learner. Like all of our puppies, he under went Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Puppy Culture training. He has started poddy traini...

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