The Aussalier is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Cavalier King Charles. Although he will undoubtedly still need many walks; this little breed can live in an apartment because of its small size and low activity needs. We don’t have a lot of information about this recently identified hybrid. But you can count on a friendly dog that is too smart for its own good!

The Australian Shepherd is high energy and more demanding, whilst King Charles’s father is famous for being relaxed and even lazy. The cross can display either trait but typically falls in the center, making the Aussalier a wonderful family pet that is equally happy to watch TV as it is to jump around and play with the kids. Aussaliers typically form strong bonds with just one family member, although they get along well with kids, adults, the elderly, other dogs, and cats.

Aussalier – Temperament and Personality


An Aussalier’ s mood can change from being high energy like an Aussie to being low energy like a Cavalier because they are a mixed breed. They are frequently described as happy, healthy dogs that develop close relationships with their owners and families. They are dependable and smart. These dogs are the perfect pets for anybody searching for a friend.

They like going everywhere with you. Make sure they are properly socialized as pups to prevent them from developing a phobia of strangers as adults. Most of them are cheery beings who enjoy everyone they meet. They are kind and friendly, but they also keep some structure and regularity to keep them from being overly dependent on you.


 Due to their remarkable qualities, Aussie Cavaliers would make their owners happy to have them in their homes. These dogs are entertaining to play with and are begging for your attention all the time. Aussie Cavaliers, in contrast to other breeds, can easily get along with other dogs and animals in general. They are kind and prefer companionship. You’ll be surprised at how hospitable they are.

Australian Cavaliers like having fun. They are sharp and easy to train. They take pleasure in spending time with their owners and families. Puzzle toys for dogs are a good option if you want to train them as they play since they will keep them on their toes. They are friendly and lovely. This is a wonderful quality since it means you don’t have to worry about how well they get along with other people.

Health and Conditions

Due to the Aussalier’ s age, little is known about typical health issues. However, since a mixed breed is present, we may assess both parent breeds to identify any health issues. The Merle gene is inherited by the Aussie Shepherd, and if both parents carry it, the puppy may be born deaf or blind. You should watch for symptoms of cataracts since they might be an issue for any breed. Look for signs that your dog’s eyesight has altered, such as a gray or white coating in the eye and a change in their behavior.

Final Thoughts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Level of Energy?

Due to its high energy level, the Aussalier requires a lot of exercises. They require a lot of intellectual engagement as well as at least an hour of intense exercise every day. They can become destructive if they don’t exercise enough.

Are They Friendly with Other Pets?

The friendly breed known as the Aussie Cavalier Mix gets along nicely with other animals. They are very nice with kids and pets.

How Big do Aussaliers Get?

They are normally between 16 and 35 pounds and between 13 and 16 inches tall, making them rather tiny dogs. They also have a tendency to be somewhat longer than they are tall. Due to their low weight, Aussie Cavaliers are a breed that you can carry everywhere. The typical weight of Aussalier canines ranges from 16 to 35 lbs. (7.3 to 15.9 kg). Their size and weight can be affected by a variety of variables, including age and food. Also, some could be bigger than others.

What is Aussalier Lifespan?

Since everything in this mixture is so new, we are unsure of its shelf life. We anticipate that they will survive for 12–13 years at the most.   Breeders should complete the appropriate health tests to lower the likelihood of inherited health issues.

Do Aussalier shed?

Yes, Aussaliers are bred from two breeds that shed lightly. Due to its double coat, the Australian Shepherd breed sheds its undercoat twice a year.

How to Groom your Aussalier?

When it comes to grooming and upkeep, both the Aussie and the Cavalier are rather high-maintenance. Your Aussalier has to be brushed at least once a week, and probably more frequently if he likes to go outside and play around. He can shed all year round. Your dog won’t require frequent bathing because its coat will be weather-resistant.

Keep your dog’s ears clean, which is crucial for the Cavalier breed in particular. Give them a wash-up once a week to prevent wax accumulation and ear infections. The nails of your Aussalier should be maintained short. Long nails can become irritating and even hurt. When you hear them beginning to click and scrape against the ground, clip them.

Aussaliers are they hypoallergenic?

The answer is that Aussie Cavaliers are not hypoallergenic dogs. It is possible for them to have dander because they are moderate shedders. The appropriate attention and care that their family offers them still matters, though. That said, they are good dogs, and they will be low shed. I wouldn’t fault anyone for making that choice. I of course think that Bernedoodles are awesome and would encourage anyone interested in a Bernedoodle puppy to reach out to us with any questions.