Do Bernedoodles Enjoy the Great Outdoors?

Bernedoodles Appreciate the Outdoors

Bernedoodles are a playful and upbeat breed that adjusts well to activities beyond simply being cute and cuddly “Teddy Bear” companion dogs. They provide much more than a dependable companion. The Bernedoodle has traits that allow for great times participating in physical activities. It is a delightful breed with the best of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, it is as comfortable outdoors as inside and will appreciate all the time you can spend with them. 

Bernedoodles are Born to Move

The background of the Bernese Mountain Dog is one of service in the wild outdoors. They were bred to guard, protect, and move around herds of cattle and sheep as well as drag the farm cart to the markets. This breed knows a lot about adjusting to climates and working hard. The Poodle side is of German descent and excellent at hunting various waterfowl. Thus, the interesting texture of the coat protected vital organs while in frigid waters. This paring would make the Bernedoodle a very adept and happy pup in nearly any outdoor situation. They will enjoy hiking, swimming, and running in moderation. Just offer any activity and watch them take to it like a duck to water, so to speak. This fiercely loyal breed wishes to keep up with its owners every step of the way. 

Bernadoodles Also Chill Really Well

Where Bernedoodles do thrive with regular outdoor activity, they also like to take it easy with their owners. The Bernedoodle would just as well snuggle beside you with a treat or toy as it would go out for a day in the park. They enjoy cuddles and staying indoors as an alternative to hot climate exposure (above 86 degrees). This breed does not do well in exposure to scorching temperatures. However, when the snow falls in cold weather climates, you may find the Bernedoodle excitedly frolicking around in it. The thickness of their coat provides a warm shield from the elements and maintains their body heat. Being part-Berner, part-Poodle helps to make the Bernedoodle the perfect companion: rain, snow, or sunshine. 

Bernedoodles and Water  

Due to the incredible sporting background of the Poodle, the Bernedoodle would undoubtedly have no trouble making a splash in the water anytime and anywhere. Poodles were bred as hunters, and they hunted waterfowl. This skill required them to be able to stay in the water for extended periods of time. But the Bernese Mountain Dog is not as keen on the water but will tolerate it solely to keep the owner happy.  With the extremes on either side of the lineage, it is possible that the Bernedoodle could fall in love with water and swimming or not care for it at all. That depends on exposure at a young age. 

Introduce Swimming While They Are Young 

Get your Bernedoodle swimming while a young puppy and there is a strong chance they will become a fan. Expose them to water by investing in a small child’s pool and using treats for reinforcement. Gently allow the Bernedoodle to step in, and get its feet wet. See how they do with this small but important step toward being confident about water. Offer a treat and praise if they make progress. Do also purchase an assistive device such as a safety vest to assure that learning to swim can be done with confidence that your doggie is protected. If the owner lives by the waterfront or ocean or has a pool with various depths, take the Bernedoodle to the shallow portion first. Toss out a treat or a toy to entice Bernedoodle to go out further to retrieve the toy. Offer a treat. By repeating this step, Bernedoodle can become as fond of the water as any other dog breed. 

Swimming Lessons Last Less Than 30 Minutes  

Do not overexert Bernedoodle with the same activity for too long, or it will lose interest. Plus, they will get extremely fatigued. Allow them to recover after their exercise and brush them out. They will appreciate the water more in small doses and perhaps get over any water-related aversion. 

Bernedoodles Enjoy A Good Hike 

Bernedoodles are excellent hikers for owners who enjoy taking in the outdoors in mountainous regions or varied terrain. If the difficulty is moderate, the well-tempered Bernedoodle will be right by your side. The Berner in them adapts to climbing, as their ancestry roamed the mountainsides of Switzerland keeping cattle together and looking for lost sheep. The Poodle side of this designer breed also takes to the trail well. Thus, the Bernedoodle developed a tolerance for exercising at a slower pace where endurance is key. Their sweet dispositions make them ideal for hiking excursions where patience is a virtue.  Take them out for hikes that will last less than 3 hours so as not to overexert yet offer the pup a really good workout. They also need a place along the way with a watering hole for a pit stop to replenish and hydrate. 

Do Bernedoodles Run? 

This awesome breed can run around playing with kids or toys with a highly spirited energy level. Each Bernedoodle may or may not be suitable for running long distances based on its size. Some are very good running companions while others may do better on shorter runs. Bernedoodles may not do well with high-speed runs for a long period of time. They would possibly be better suited for jogging, however, which will get their heart pumping and test their endurance level. This breed wants to stay in step with its owner and would try anything out in terms of exercise, so with some practice and exposure, perhaps the lovable Bernedoodle will adapt to enjoying longer distance runs with owners who go on runs for a hobby or pastime. Bernedoodles are moderately fast as a breed which may help them keep up with their owner’s stride. If an owner is willing to adjust the pace to help this breed with its moderate to low endurance level, Bernedoodle will be a loyal and appreciative furry friend on any run. 

Exercise is key

It is very important to engage the Bernedoodle in activity and play no matter the location or type. It reduces anxiety, and boredom, and dispels the potential for destructive behavior. Trust that taking Bernedoodle out for at least 60 minutes a day of activity will keep them healthier and happier overall.