Old dogs can’t learn new tricks, Ok, that’s not exactly true, but let’s go with it. It is never too late for a dog to learn, and it is never to late for us to pick up a few tips from our furry friends. There is no better instructor than our furry pals when it comes to the struggles of everyday life. They have a ton of valuable advice to share on love, friendship, career, and self-care. Despite not being human, dogs have a rich and unique life experience and a very different perspective of life. Perhaps their wagging tail, odd sleeping practices, and unending love for food might make you to believe differently at first appearance. But after giving it some thought, I realize that my dog Oliver has taught me a lot about what’s really essential in life.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on what Oliver has given me over the course of our nearly five-year relationship. I could certainly write a whole book about this, and who knows, maybe I will. Dogs are essentially spiritual gurus who can lead us along the road to enlightenment, so if we paid more attention, we would understand that.  Check out the top life lessons Oliver taught me in our five years of relationship?

Live in the Moment

One of the most endearing qualities of dogs is their ability to be healed with just a little amount of love and care, regardless of how much pain or torture they have endured. Dogs don’t harbor resentment or anger toward the past. To puppies, the only thing that matters is that today is a happy day. When I think about this amazing quality of Oliver, I wonder why humans can’t be this way. Why can’t we simply let the past go and live in the present? The most important thing I learned from my dog is to strive to live each day to the fullest.

If you Make a Mess, Apologize for it

If there’s one quality in my dog that I really appreciate, it’s his capacity for forgiveness.   Dogs also do this, although they appear to understand the apologetic aspect better than people do. When Oliver takes food or a pair of socks, he instantly approaches and displays regret. His eyes show that he is regretful and that he is aware of the error of his ways. After being truthful, we both go on with our lives. There’s no need to worry.

Forgive, but don’t forget. Understand that hurtful actions are occasionally done by others. However, there is no benefit to being upset or harboring hatred and anger. It serves no purpose for you. Learn from your mistake, but as soon as you can, start behaving normally again. Never hold grudges.

Always be Happy

Oliver spends most of his days eating, walking, playing, and taking naps, but don’t mistake regularity for dull. He finds the smallest things fascinating, therefore even if his life may not seem thrilling to others. I’ve learned from him to appreciate the simple things and get by with what you have. If we can’t enjoy life, what’s the point? Perhaps this is the most significant life lesson I picked up from my dog. It’s critical to understand that our connections with the people and animals around us—not our accomplishments, appearance, or achievements—are what give our life purpose.

Experience Unconditional Love

For some people, unconditional love might be difficult. Dogs simply do it by instinct. You surely have a fresh perspective for what “unconditional love” really means once you buy a puppy. Dogs show unconditional love, therefore shouldn’t we all practice this more? It’s just love for the sake of love; it doesn’t matter who loves whom more or who provides what for whom. Despite their best efforts, most humans still lack the capacity that dogs have to unconditionally love and accept their owners without ever attempting to “correct” them. Dogs observe what is and are content with it, but humans get caught up in expectations. It is probably the most incredible thing about dogs.

Live a Balanced Life

In addition to practicing patience and being present, we also have responsibilities. It’s important to balance work, play, and rest time in your life. This comes natural to dogs. Dogs are particularly adept at determining when it is appropriate to rest, play, and work because, unlike humans, they base their judgments on how they feel in their bodies and thoughts rather than on the time. Imagine how wonderful it would be to sleep when you’re exhausted, play when you’re feeling energetic, and work when an idea comes to you. Give it a try and see what unfolds.

Stay Positive and Have Faith

Do you ever have those days where your thoughts are all over the place and you find yourself depressed over something you can’t quite place? Then all of a sudden, your dog rolls over and gives you an expression that seems to be saying, ” When you have a belly rub waiting for you, how can you be so frustrated?” Dogs are always there to serve as a constant reminder for us to focus on the positive, even if it’s only a simple thing that makes us happy. How could things be horrible when this moment feels so lovely, after all?

Connections are very Important in Life

The fact that my dog Oliver loves to snuggle is perhaps my favorite quality about him. He still wants to snuggle, even when I’m annoyed and not paying much attention to him. He’s still under my legs if I’m not working. It’s important to keep in mind the benefits of human contact and conversation, even on our busiest days. It has served to remind me that all I need to rekindle my relationships after a hard week is a little cuddling or chat session. Or even that spending time with my friends while doing nothing makes things better. We are all unique individuals, yet we all require love and human connection.

Everyone is a Friend

When you take Oliver to the dog park, there won’t be any awkward situations when he’s hesitant to join a group of dogs. As soon as I let him out of the leash, he is fully engaged. Oliver greets everyone, whether they are dogs or people. I wish I didn’t occasionally get caught up in my own thoughts, debating whether to go sit with strangers or whether to avoid saying hey to a stranger. Oliver does not notice anything, including status, gender, or race. You are his friend if you are in the same space as him.

This article was written by a freind of mine, and I have to agree with her sentiments. I have learned a lot from working with animals. It has to be honest made me a better parent and friend. If you feel like you would like to bring a dog into your life fell free to reach out to us and lets talk about puppy adoption.