Meet the Parents

photo of dora

Meet Dora

This playful girl loves her people. She is fiercely loyal and loving. She loves aenon from her humans and firmly believes that the world would be a beer place if humans spent more me giving their dogs good belly rubs. She welcomes adventure and is delighted by new people and places. Dora is lively and vibrant and brings a great energy to our home.

Dora is a mulgeneraonal bernedoodle, which means both of her parents are bernedoodles. Dora’s breeding traits boast mostly of her Bernese mountain dog roots; with her classic tri–coloring and sturdy build. Yet her coat is incredibly so and she maintains some of the delicate grace from the poodle side. All in all, Dora is a great dog and we are grateful to have her in our home and are excited to share her puppies with you.

Meet Dusty

This handsome fellow is a proper gentleman. He is dignified and respectful. If he were a human, he would be Mr. Darcy. He is kind and loving in a steady and calm manner. He is not obnoxious in any respect. He is eager to please and easily contented to just be near his humans. He enjoys a good game of fetch while maintaining his quiet dignity. Dusty does retain his hunting dog instincts and patience, as a few of our chickens learned the hard way. More than a pretty face, Dusty is also highly intelligent and perceptive.

But he is also a pretty face! Dusty is a purebred poodle with full registration. Registered name: Dusty Ducky Momo Sir Duke the Third. (Is it too late to add Mr. Darcy to the registry?) His coloring is incredibly unique and beautiful. He never fails to dazzle his groomers. We love having him in our home and are thrilled to use him as our stud.

photo of dusty

Our Puppies


Meet Albus

Meet Albus. Albus as in Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. My kids decided that Harry Potter should be the theme of the liter. This adorable bernedoodle puppy is one of our smallest puppies, not quite the runt, but a close second. If you want a puppy on the smaller side for standard bernedoodles- this little guy is for you. He is a super sweet and affectionate puppy; he loves interaction and play. His curious and fun loving nature is great and he will never turn down a good snuggle session. Kid...

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Meet Hermione

Hello there! This is Hermione, as in Harry Potter. It's part of the Harry Potter theme that my our kids picked for this litter of puppies. This little lady is so sweet and affectionate. It melts my heart. She is quick to come over and cuddle. I love it!! She has an amazingly soft coat with that iconic face flash. Like all of our puppies, she under went Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Puppy Cutler training. I have had and trained dogs all my life, I train horse, and feel very confiden...

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Meet Luna

Hello there! This is Luna, my favorite puppy. Hands down, if I was going to keep any puppy from this litter, it would be her. This little lady is so sweet and affectionate. She is a great cuddler. She has an amazing tricolor coat with that white iconic face flash, and is just full of love. Like all of our puppies, she under went Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Puppy Cutler training. I have had and trained dogs all my life, I train horse, and feel very confident in my abilities to wor...

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Meet Hagrid

Hello there! This is Hagrid. I wanted to name him Cow, but as it wasn't part of the Harry Potter theme, we went with Hagrid. This little guy is one of my absolute favorite bernedoodle puppies. He is the largest of the litter and the kids' favorite. This little guy is the first puppy to come running up to you. His whole body lights up with joy when he sees you! I love it! He is also the first to try new toys, and he is so loving it makes your heart melt. Like all of our puppies, he under went ...

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