Why a Bernedoodle Is a Perfect Pet for Your Family

You have just about decided to get a “doodle” dog, but you are unsure whether a Bernedoodle is the best breed. What are some things you should know about Bernedoodles?

Any designer dog can be pricey, but you won’t let that stop you from finding the perfect companion for yourself or your family. There are some things you should know before securing one. What size do these dogs come in, and how big can they get? Which is the best for my situation? Are they temperamental? What about separation anxiety? Will you come home to an apartment that is torn to shreds? How are they with other dogs? As you can see, there are lots of questions.

The Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog made from crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. They come in three sizes, Standard, Miniature, and Tiny depending on the size of the Poodle in their bloodline. They come in various colors and have coats that generally do not shed. 

So let’s get started as we make our case for the addition of this beautiful hybrid to your home. 

1. A Burnedoodle is hypo-allergenic

Because the Bernedoodle comes from a Bernese Mountain Dog and has a Poodle like the other parent, their coat is wirier and sheds a lot less than other dogs. Families with allergies or owners who work from home, and spend most of their time inside, can breathe easier with this breed. 

2. Burnedoodles are Dogs that Carry a Chill Vibe.

In other words, these designer dogs have inherited the relaxed nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog. As a rule, they are not high-strung, anxious dogs that act skittish and cowardly to strangers. The Bernepoodle will love to cuddle or just curl up on the corner of a couch while you are Netflixing the night away. Bernedoodles will be calmer than other designer breeds, like the Goldendoodle, which requires many activities. Now, Bernies love to play outside and do best with active families, but they do not require the constant interaction that many other breeds demand.

3. Bernepoodles Come in Different sizes.

Depending on what type of Poodle was in their heritage line, you can have a Bernedoodle that is big, medium, or small (Standard, Mini, or Tiny). If you like a bigger dog with more energy for walks or early morning runs, invest in a Standard. If you wish for a dog that you can carry in a purse, invest in a Tiny.

Tiny10 – 24 lbs12 – 17 inches
Mini25 – 49 lbs18 – 22 inches
Standard70 – 90 lbs23 – 29 inches

4. Bernedoodles Adapt to Multi-pet Families very Easily.

These dogs tend to be a chill and relaxed breed, which means that they are perfect additions to families that already have household pets most of the time. It is always best to remember that an unspayed or unneutered Bernedoodle is prone to mate with whatever dog you have currently, so if you don’t want litters of whatever 

5. Bernedoodles are Smart and Highly Trainable

Due to the parent breeds, these dogs are brilliant and, for the most part, trainable if their education is started at an early age. The dogs can be stubborn at times, so most owners advise some patience when trying to teach new concepts. (The Poodle in them can sometimes be contrary). 

6. Bernedoodles are Loyal 

The Burmese Mountain Dog bloodline in this dog tends toward a herding instinct, leading it to be protective about the things it cares about. Do not be surprised if the Bernedoodle tries to keep the other pets or small children moving along or sleeping near as a guardian. They do not bark their heads off, but they will alert owners when strangers appear or there is a situation that they are unfamiliar with. 

7. Bernedoodles make great service dogs.

Initially bred to be service dogs due to their relaxed personalities, they can be outstanding companion puppies. Their moderate energy level will keep owners engaged and off the couch (particularly for larger-sized breeds, while the smaller sizes prefer a lot of cuddling and attention). The Standard is a good choice for children with special needs, and websites like angelsense recommend both the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle in their top ten.

8. As a Mixed Breed – They Have Fewer Health Issues

Every breed of dog is susceptible to some health issues, but the heartiness of the Mountain Dog means that a Bernedoodle will not suffer from some health issues that affect other designer dogs. Bernedoodles benefit from the genetic makeup of Poodles (which is also a strong bloodline in itself). A Bernedoodle may suffer from hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia when older, but they are generally considered a pretty healthy hybrid.

9. Bernedoodles are a “12” on the Cute Chart

There is no question that Bernedoodles are very cute, but so are most other dogs. Suppose you like having a dog that attracts a lot of attention while out, then this is the dog for you. If you are not very social and prefer to be left alone or not stop every couple of minutes from letting some stranger pet and praise your pet, then adopt something else, please.