Why Every Little Boy Needs a Dog?

There is just something about a boy and his dog. You have decided to get your child a pet, but what are the benefits for your child? Why does every little boy need a companion dog, like a Bernedoodle?

A Forever Friendship

When you grow up with a dog, there is a special bond. The way it feels to have a sweet, furry friend lick your face in greeting. Or a welcoming face after a busy day at school. Dogs do this for us without being asked. It is just as natural as a wag of the tail. Introducing a puppy to your family is a wonderful way to encourage good values such as kindness, responsibility, and compassion. This bond with your dog, such as the lovable and fluffy Bernedoodle puppy, will endure longer than toys and games. The fun and adoration that kids experience with their dog is one that any little boy should have. 

Dogs Teach Empathy 

Sensitivity is a valuable lesson that dogs teach kids. Young boys need to learn the emotional intelligence that comes with giving attention to their dogs. Since the dog depends on its human for everything, the focus comes off the need of the child and onto the needs of the animal. Plus, the animal has emotional needs as well as physical needs. A young boy can meet these needs and know he has helped his dog. Care becomes part of an everyday language in the household that is not attributed to humans alone. The fact is that any dog will require its owner to take part in its daily care. A boy with a dog such as a Bernedoodle has a friend to actively look after, one that is dependent upon him. This increases his compassion level and emotional intelligence in the process. 

Dogs Provide Self Esteem 

Being able to provide the small things that a puppy needs are no small feat. The constant chores such as feeding, watering, walking, offering treats, and playing are tasks that all dogs require on a daily basis. When a boy can offer this to his dog, he can take pride in this accomplishment and growth that happens with building skills. Self-esteem boosts are necessary for promoting any child’s well-being. The benefit of being a dog parent or caregiver is that every day offers a chance to do something outside of oneself, something that is selfless. The dependent animal finds comfort and support in the child’s actions and assistance. The knowledge that the child has given a special gift of love and appreciation to his dog is a major self-esteem booster. 

Dogs Increase Cognition 

When a young boy chats away or babbles to his dog, he is practicing with a very patient furry friend. The ability to be open to a dog with verbal praise or full sentences is excellent for kids who may have speech or language issues. There is a very receptive and loving pet that will comfort the child instead of being critical or negative like human interactions sometimes are. This allows for natural and confident growth in language and the development of necessary skills. Reading can be quite scary for some children. But when he can read a passage to his Bernedoodle or another breed of dog, there is only a sweet and gentle audience to encourage his attempts. 

Dogs As Friends and Company 

There is no need to feel alone when you have your dog to reassure you that it will be okay. It sometimes is not easy to make or keep friendships at any age. In those formative years, a young boy may have some difficulties creating new relationships in his life or bonding with another person, which could lead to a sense of loneliness. Thanks to having a puppy for a companion, he can cope with a loving and supportive fur baby. There is a lack of anxiety when a pet is part of the family. Pets create a very safe space with their love of cuddling and petting. As much as the pet appreciates our warmth and love, we, in turn, need it from them. It is a symbiotic animal-to-human relationship. Pets listen to us and have an emotional capacity greater than we realize. 

Dogs Create More Smiles and Happiness

Studies show that dog owners benefit greatly from their furry friends. There is an increase in hormones that control our positive moods, serotonin, and dopamine when we spend quality time with dogs. Any young boy needs to find a natural way to increase his happiness quotient (as we all do, male or female). When that happiness comes in the form of a face-licking puppy, expect belly-laughs and smiles galore from any little boy. A well-adjusted child is a gift that a dog can help to create with a temperament that has the power to center emotions. Be sure to choose the right dog for your family, such as the adorable and loyal Bernedoodle. Their sweet and affable attitude will be sure to bring cheerfulness and happiness into your home. 

Dogs Alleviate Stress

Pets relax us. Just let a furry bundle of joy come into your son’s life and see the tension and stress seem to simply melt away. Dogs have been shown to decrease stress levels in humans. The hormone cortisol is lessened in both the pet and human during an interaction. Stress also affects blood pressure, which is lowered during puppy and human interaction as well. With less anxiety or depression, the dog is a natural health boost for the entire family. For the child, this health benefit is one to take into his future life and adulthood. Dogs have a truly magical and powerful presence as comforters and friends and use this to better all that they meet. 

Dogs Encourage Activity and Exercise

If it seems impossible to get your son off of the sofa to do a chore or move around, an active and energetic dog may be the cure for this concern. Dogs get kids moving by requiring them to play games, run, throw, walk, and chase after them when they get loose or run amok in the yard or neighborhood. Being active for at least 60 minutes is a recommendation for kids. Puppies will add at least 11 minutes of physical activity to a child’s day, which adds up in the long run. Anything that keeps kids from too much screen time is probably not a bad thing, and dogs are perfect at distracting a young boy from video games or iPad.